The Museum

The Museum features pieces sourced from Ajie and Dibueze Chinyere Asika’s extensive private collection. It comprises two main galleries, the larger hall featuring a broad spectrum of artifacts, mainly Sculptural in nature. While the smaller gallery features a variety of pieces, mostly Bronzes from Ife and Benin, as well as a Wall display showcasing a variety of Mask pieces sourced from all across Nigeria. The Museum also features audio-visual installations, showcasing a variety of archival media ranging from early Anthropological Film reels and Sound-recordings dating between 1909 and 1960.

The Reception (The Obi).

The reception space at entry into the centre. It is a medium size hall, which is both an installation, featuring red brick walls, and which contains the sacred Ukpo Obi, or seat of the Ajie of Onitsha. The Ukpo itself is flanked by two ‘guardian masquerades’, signifying Ajie Ukpabi Asika’s final transition to the land of the ‘Immortals’ or Ndi Ichie. The hall also presents functional use for small presentations, social functions, being equipped with a bar and a PA system. It is also equipped with a projector and screen.

Co Working Space (Uno Olu Obodo)

A large sized hall which shall be equipped for use as a Technology hub, complete with private meeting room space. It shall also be adaptable for use as a conference/presentation room, a training room for digital enthusiasts and a class room for coders.

The Library (Uno Akwukwo)

A two-room library space. A library, supplied with over 1000 books, being a small selection from the Asika personal library. The inventory ranging from rare and ancient works, to contemporary literary titles. As well as a digital archive comprising over 100,000 images, titles and documents. Significantly, the library shall host the digitised personal papers of Chinyere and Ukabi Asika. The library and archive will also be enhanced to include other important works from other prominent leaders and academics.

Court Yard (Ezi Uno).

An open courtyard, part of which shall be adapted as a recreational space, with a bar. It shall also be open for use as function space for both social and other use.